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Organic Products
AayurMed cultivates, sources and supplies nearly 300 certified organic botanical products. These products are cultivated or collected under strict organic standards and are certified by OneCert under NOP of USDA, European Commission Regulation (EEC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 1235/2008 of EU and NPOP of India. Other certifications can be obtained, if required.
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Natural Products
AayurMed offers nearly 500 natural botanical and associated products. Cultivated or collected from forest the products are generally organic in character but not certified and are grown, collected and prepared in ethical and environmentally sustainable manner.
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Herbal Extracts
Oils, Waters Hydrosols
Ayurveda and Sidhha Products

Natural Personal Care Products
Seeds And Plants
Natural Personal Care Products


Ayurveda and Sidhha Products
Ayurveda and Sidhha Products
Ayurveda and Sidhha Products


AayurMed is the largest source of Natural and Certified Organic Indian herbs, spices, food, fruits, vegetables, extracts, oils, teas and other botanical products. The organic products are certified as '100% Organic' by OneCert, under NOP of USDA, European Commission Regulation (EEC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 1235/2008 and NPOP of India.

We offer nearly 300 organic and 500 natural botanicals. These are sourced from:

Our Vision

To be the preferred one-stop source, globally, for high quality organic and natural ingredients required in health care, nutritional and personal care products.

Our Mission

To provide highest quality natural bio-resources for human health, in harmony with nature and in a socially & environmentally responsible manner.

Many Customers - Many Countries

AayurMed herbs and spices are used as ingredients in formulations, botanicals, food & beverages, functional foods, dietary and nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal teas, confectionery, restaurants, cosmeceuticals, personal care products, health spas and in other herbal products.

AayurMed botanical products are being supplied to hundreds of customers in international markets including North America, Europe, SE Asia, Far East, Australia and Japan. We cater to more than 40 countries, globally. Our knowledge about the country specific documentation and other trading processes, enable us to execute international orders with highest level of efficiency. We ship our products by all modes as required by the customers including by Sea, Air, Postal services, Courier services etc.

We build long term relationships and therefore have the patience and maturity to work with customers who are developing new products, even if it means small orders in the beginning. At the same time we can also supply container loads to those who need larger quantities. Our herbs & spices can be supplied in bulk or packaged as per the requirements of the customers, also with Private Labels.

Organic & Natural - A Passion for People at AayurMed

AayurMed was born out of the passion of its principal promoter Mr. Vinod Haritwal for providing pure, natural and organic products that will benefit human health without harming the planet's health. For the last 30 years, Mr. Vinod has been a business executive heading large businesses in manufacturing, venture capital, investment banking etc. His passion for natural lifestyle and health motivated him to start growing organic herbs as a modest hobby, which in a span of eight years has transformed into the largest source of organic products in India. He, now devotes all his time to AayurMed apart from his family and social commitments.

Belonging to a family that preaches & practices ayurveda and alternative healing therapies, Mr. Vinod is a trained Yoga Teacher for over 30 years. The last four generations of his forefathers have been renowned Ayurveda doctors. Haritwals are believed to be descendants of sage Harit, one of the six original disciples of the great sage Bharadwaj, who introduced Ayurveda to the world.

The Board of Directors of AayurMed also consists of Ms. Rashmi Haritwal, an engineer and management graduate with over 17 years of research and consulting experience with both Indian and global corporations; and Dr. Vivek Kadambi a renowned ophthalmic surgeon. The management team includes qualified Medical Doctors, Engineers, Ayurveda Doctors, Doctorates, Researchers, Agronomists and experienced Herbalists.

Our Quality Commitment

Apart from following Organic and GAP standards in cultivation, AayurMed's own plants as well as those of its associates, comply with GMP standards. All products shipped by AayurMed meet WHO standards for heavy metals, microbiology and pesticide residue. Most of the botanicals supplied by AayurMed are within one year of harvesting and have a residual shelf life of at least one year.

Our Environmental Commitment

All of AayurMed's own or contracted farms conserve all natural resources and ecological diversity, use mixed cultivation patterns and follow organic standards. We attempt to be carbon neutral by following many small steps like:

Our Social Commitment

We at AayurMed take our social responsibilities seriously and work for the welfare of the community and for the society, at large. Following are a few illustrations:

Spreading awareness

The main organic farm of AayurMed also houses 'CampHarit' - an Ecorganic Farm Retreat & Camp, where people from cities, especially children can experience a uniquely different rural life at an organic farm, dirty their hands and participate in farm activities, appreciate local traditions like tribal art, music, dance etc., enjoy bullock cart rides, tractor rides, adventure sports, trekking, nature walks and more. The objective behind this project is to spread awareness amongst urban people about organic and natural lifestyle and the symbiosis between organic cultivation and environment.

Healing lives

AayurMed Wellness Center provides holistic solutions for prevention, healing and rejuvenation using fresh and natural materials and rejuvenating environment provided by AayurMed farms and Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga and Naturopathy techniques.

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