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Herbs have been used by all cultures in many forms since ancient times. They are used as a part of food, beverages, functional foods, dietary supplements, medicines, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, teas, oils, personal care, aromatics & perfumery and so on.

AayurMed offers over 300 Natural and Organic herbs.

Organic herbs are certified by OneCert under NOP of USDA, European Commission Regulation (EEC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 1235/2008 and NPOP of India. Other certifications can be obtained, if required.

Ayurvedic Herbs Whole Herbs

Whole HerbsThese can be fresh or air dried herbs. We can supply different parts of the plants as required.

Ayurvedic Herbs Herb Powders

Herb PowdersThese are normally between 60 and 100 mesh sizes, but can be any size, as required.

Ayurvedic Herbs Cut & Sifted or T-Cuts

Cut & Sifted or T-CutsThese are coarse powders generally between 20 and 50 mesh and are used for filling in Tea Bag

Ayurvedic Herbs Herb Blends

» Ayurvedic Blends
Herb BlendsThese are ready blends recommended in ancient Ayurveda and Sidhha texts used for prevention or healing, as cosmetics or as supplements. We offer the following Ayurvedic blends

  • Avipattikar
  • Bhaskar Lavan
  • Chaturjaat
  • Das Mula
  • Hingwastak
  • Panch Kola
  • Panch Tikt
  • Panch Trin
  • Saraswati
  • Sudarshan
  • Trijaat
  • Trikatu
  • Trimaad
  • Triphala
  • Talispatradi
  • Lemongrass Powder

» Custom Made Blends
Custom Made BlendsWe can blend herbs as per the requirements of customers. You can give us a formula or ask us for recommendations for the results you desire.

Ayurvedic Herbs Stevia

Custom Made BlendsStevia Rebaudiana is a wonderful sweet herb devoid of calories and diabetes risk, which provides a natural and safe alternative for sugar and chemical sweeteners. Stevia has been used by many Latin American cultures for centuries and is today widely used in many countries either as a sweetener or as nutrition supplement.

The herb in dried leaf powder form is about 30 times stronger than sugar. Stevia offered by AyurMed is certified '100% Organic' by OneCert, USA and is offered as:

  • Dried leaf powder
  • Liquid aqueous extract
  • Tea sweetened with Stevia
Stevia plants (both tissue culture and saplings) are available. Contract farming arrangements are also offered with 100% buy-back.

Ayurvedic Herbs Herb Capsules

Herb CapsulesHerb powders can be filled in capsules. We can provide gelatin as well as vegetable capsules. We can also provide capsules of different sizes from 1 mg to 5 mg.

Ayurvedic Herbs Herb Tablets

Herb TabletsOrganic herbs can also be converted to tablets and supplied loose or in blister packs.

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